Masjid Ar-Rahman


The Islamic Association of Greater Memphis, Masjid Ar-Rahman and Masjid Al-Noor seeks:

  • ·To promote, coordinate, and conduct activities and programs that will advance the religious, social, economic, educational, civic, cultural, and ethnic ambitions of the Muslims in the Greater Memphis area.
  • ·To provide an Islamic environment for our youth, an environment where our youth can grow and develop.
  • ·To educate the society at large about authentic Islamic teachings and principles.
  • ·To promote amiable relations between Muslims and everyone in society.
  • · To serve the society in which we live through all Islamically approved means.
  • · Provide guidance, assistance, aid the socioeconomic well being of the Muslim community and at large.

The goals listed above guide our actions, therefore we offer the following services to our community:

 – Family Services: 


Pre-Marital Counseling,

Nikah & Walimah,

Marriage Counseling and Advising,

Youth Counseling,

Family Counseling.

– End of Life Services:

Janazah Prayer,

Grief Counseling,

Bereavement Services.