Masjid Ar-Rahman

Sunday School

Sunday School

Fall 2015 August 23rd – December 20th 2015

Onsite Registration: Closed for the semester
School Hours: Every Sunday 09:30AM-1:30PM
First Day of Classes: Sunday, August 23rd
Ages: 5 – 17 years for boys and girls

Class Subjects & Activities:

  • Quran: learning to recite “Noorani Qaida”, memorize, understand surahs of the Quran based on level.
  • Arabic: Arabic Alphabets, Connecting words, reading & writing, basic grammar, & Arabic vocabulary based on the level
  • Islamic Studies: Wudu’ “purification”, Salah “prayers”, Hadeeth, Islamic manners, Seerah, as well as other Islamic studies.
  • Activities: Competitions, Sport Activities, and field trips.

Semester Fees:

* The fee can be paid by monthly installments.

* There is an additional $30/Child books ONE time fee for the entire year.

$250 per Student-One Child

$225 per Student-Two Children

$200 per Student-Three or more