Young Men’s and Women’s Program

Assalamu Alaykom, 

We’re excited to announce a new monthly program geared towards the young people of our community!

On the second Saturday of every month we’ll be hosting a Youth Night at Masjid Ar-Rahman. 

The program is designed to offer our young men and young women time at the masjid to have seminars designed for them, fun, food, and activities! There’ll be separate fun and activities for both young men and young women. 

Each month, the young men and young women will trade off the sleepover while the rest of the program being open to anyone 13 years of age and older. 

If you would like to volunteer or sponsor our youth activities please respond to this email. 

This is a “Pay-What-You-Want” program – meaning no one will be declined to participate but everyone is invited to contribute to cover costs. 

Please take a minute to register here: 

Was-Salamu Alaykom
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